The Conversation

The Conversation

The African Transformation Report is generating debate on Africa’s economic future:

ECDPM Talking Points: “Beyond the fun of looking at how countries rank, the ATI may help push the transformation agenda forward in a number of ways – as well as the index, the analysis accompanying the ATI is also interesting.”

The Economist blog: “…unlike many development blueprints, the ACET report is grounded in economic reality.”

CNBC Africa: “According to the African Center for Economic Transformation, by 2050 Sub-Saharan Africa will have a larger and younger workforce than China or India.”

The Hewlett Foundation Blog: “The ACET report needs to be read, shared and debated by anyone with an interest in Africa’s economic (and social) future.”

Council on Foreign Relations blog: “…the African Transformation Report is a welcome check on the exuberance of the “Africa rising” narrative.

The Ghana Monitor: “ACET’s report…conveys the overarching message that sub-Saharan African countries must concentrate on more than just expanding their GDP…”

Business Day Live: “[The] report showed an increasing realisation by African governments that investing more in manufacturing sectors could help grow economies faster.”

Engineering News: “…the study urges African governments to position economic transformation ahead of growth at the centre of their economic and development policies.”

World Bank Blog: “The African Transformation Report contributes in a pragmatic and detailed way to a new narrative for Africa.”

Click here to download the African Transformation Report Overview (PDF).

Click here to download the full African Transformation Report (PDF).

Click here to download a high resolution image of the cover.

Click here for the Paris press release.


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